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It's been a very long while since I last submitted anything! It isn't because I haven't been drawing or anything, because I have. It has been busy lately. Although I feel like I don't have any friends on here anymore, and it's saddening. D: I miss my DeviantArt buddies!
A lot has happened since I last updated. I went on vacation to Florida with a friend and family! Although I was bumming about not being able to go to Disney, because I was really wanting to go to Japan in Epcot. It was for my grandparents and their 50th anniversary though. ^^
My sister brought a friend as well, and so did my cousin. There were a lot of people there, and we all stayed in a house that we rented. Kinda like the cabin we stayed in a few years ago. I remember making a journal post about that, actually. xD Well, this was a different friend and we're a lot alike. We're both obsessed with our cats, and we couldn't stop talking about them. We missed them like crazy!
My mom, my friend, and I took a plane. My sister and her friend drove, and my dad drove in a separate car. So we were the first ones there, and they still had 18 hours left! The night that we got there, my friend and I decided to go swimming. While we were changing into bikinis, I decided to change my belly ring. After all, I got it pierced in December of last year and this was in June this year. So it had been six months and I'd changed it once before. This time, something went wrong. I lost the top hole of the piercing, so I was trying to jam the barbell in which caused it to bleed. It hurt worse and worse the more I tried to get it in. Then a tiny stream of blood was rushing down my stomach. My friend had then come out of the bathroom and I told her what had happened. Luckily, she has had experience with this before. She did the same exact thing before and so has our other friend. Her advice helped and I eventually got it back in and cleaned up the blood. I was still shaking from the fear of not being able to find the hole of the piercing. That hurt much worse than the actual piercing itself.  I haven't changed it since, and it was hurting the whole rest of the week we were in Florida.
The first couple days were super boring because of the lack of activities. Besides, no one could get the hot tub to actually heat up. We called it the cold tub. Therefore, there was no use for it. So basically we just stayed in the house and did nothing for hours. o.o Eventually, we went to get Dippin' Dots! As far as I remember, the next day was the day for tanning. The day after that, we all went miniature golfing. Also, we discovered that we both like the Regular Show. So we talked about that. xD In the gift shop for the miniature golfing place, I'd gotten a seal that looked strangely like Pops.
The next day, we were rudely awaken by my sister. She said we were going to Epcot! So I instantly woke up right then. I'm like, "The Epcot that I wanted to go to for a long time and was all depressed about because we weren't going and my dreams were crushed but now we're going and my dreams are alive again? That Epcot? :D" So of course, we went. That was such a surprise. The night before, we had no idea we were going there.
Once we arrived, my friend and I instantly strayed off to the countries. She wanted to go to Mexico, because she knows some Spanish and really wants to go to the real Mexico for a long period of time someday. Mexico was actually the first place we went to, and it was beyond amazing. I was freaking out. My friend got a hat from there. ^^ She would've gotten more, but everything there was just too expensive.
We roamed some other countries, and I still thought Mexico was the best until we had gotten to Japan. I decided to get a bunch of candy, an Itachi shirt, and a hat! My sister got me a scroll for my birthday, so I didn't even know until a couple months later. Anyway, it then began to rain when we started walking to the next country. We instantly ran back to Japan for cover. I ended up texting my mom after a little while for an umbrella. She came to Japan to give us an umbrella, then went off with my dad. They had another umbrella for their own use.
We'd then learned that we had to stay there for 3 1/2 more hours because of dinner reservations for later. -_-' It felt miserable to be drenched, cold, and out of energy. All I had that day was an apple, and we were there from morning until 5:30 for dinner. I felt disgusting before, since I didn't wash my face that day due to the fact that we had to hurry in the morning. My makeup was on from the previous day still as well, making my skin even more oily. So that made me feel gross, but being pelted with freezing rain water with very little energy left just felt miserable.
Anyway, we had to use a lot of energy by both holding the umbrella and walking at the same time. Believe me, it's harder than it sounds. Especially when you can't even walk a straight line, and you never work out your arm muscles.
We walked for a very long distance to try to find a dry place to sit down, which felt like forever. Finally, we found shelter from the rain by a restaurant. We were cold before, but whenever someone walked in or out of the restaurant, a cold burst of air hit us. It was very unpleasant. We stayed there for two hours, and my phone was almost dead.
We ended up getting somewhat lost looking for the restaurant we had reservations for. Those maps can be very confusing. When we arrived, we discovered there were about three entrances to the restaurant. They don't all lead to the restaurant, but they do lead to the same building. The entrances are very far apart from each other. One leads to a ride and another leads to an aquarium. We went through the wrong entrance (not knowing there were different entrances), which led us to the ride. When we opened the door, the air conditioning must've been up all the way, because it was FREEZING! We quickly turned around and eventually ended up running into my dad who, thankfully, led us to the right entrance.
For dinner, I had this tiny pizza that barely had any cheese on it. Therefore, it was disgusting to me. But I ate it. I only like sauce on pizza, because it's covered in cheese anyway. Well... It's supposed to be. After dinner, we decided to ride the Finding Nemo ride. That meant we had to go through the super freezing entrance. The place didn't warm up at all as we went in further. I could barely move, but I forced myself to. I'm actually very surprised I didn't catch a cold after that. Once, I caught a cold from a really hot day in summer when the water was cold. Just because of the water. o.O
The ride was really trippy. Seriously. It was amazing. When we were done, we saw the aquarium and saw some freakin' adorable sea creatures. I don't remember what all of them were called, unfortunately. :c My friend and I named one of them Cthulhu. xD
We found out that we were staying until... Maybe 9? So we could see the fireworks. At that point, I was just done with everything for a while and wanted to sit at the house where it was quiet, warm, dry, and comfortable. We waited a while for the firework show to start, instead. I was just not in the mood, so they weren't as fun as they would've normally been. But it was actually really cool, despite the noise level.
Then we had to walk a very far distance to buy my sister some things. By that point, my flip flops caused such bad blisters from the whole day that they started to bleed. I got the blisters from walking to the different countries and back. It was a very long walk between them. Anyway, the bottom of my foot felt like it was cut open inside. I get that every so often, and it hurt just as bad as the blisters. Then we missed the cart ride to get back to our car. So, more walking! It was pretty far away, too. Overall, my Disney experience wasn't the best. It was amazing until the rain, though. Next time I go to Epcot, I'm DEFINITELY wearing tennis shoes.
The last couple of days were very laid back. We played some Dance Central the day after Epcot. We also went swimming and made s'mores! There was actually a huge storm with really loud thunder on the last day. I was pretty bummed out, though, since we couldn't go swimming on the very last day we were there. But over here, we never get any big storms like that and I absolutely love them. So that was actually really exciting! The next day, we made it out in time just before the hurricane.
When we arrived home, it was really weird being without my friend. I mean, we were constantly around each other 24/7 for a week. I was beyond excited to see my cats, though. I could barely contain my excitement on the ride home! I was so excited it was painful. O.o Yep, I'm beginning to think I'm in the early stages of being a crazy cat lady. xD I'm not going to have more than three cats, though. Well... Maybe four. But I think three is perfect. ^^
After that, I went on another vacation with another friend. We walked aaaall day one of the days we were there. I was ok, since I was wearing my converse shoes. xD Plus, I got a forever alone shirt and a mustache ring! Then I met Big Time Rush a couple days later, before their concert! Oh, and I went to an Evanescence concert and that was amazing. Well, if anyone wants more detail about these stories, you can tell me and I'll write more about it. Otherwise, I may write about them in the next journal entry. We'll see. ^^ This was a really long story, though. So I'm done writing for the night. xD
I just got my own scanner/printer, so I shall be scanning my drawings possibly within the week and adding them here! I should also add more pictures of my cats! I also just put up an Adventure Time poster, yay. xD


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
All I have so far for my DeviantID is a picture of the cat version of me xD

I'm Rachel. I LOVE to draw, if that wasn't obvious! I love summer as well, and think it's a great time for yoga. I like playing the Wii, my DS, texting, and shopping! Also hot guys ;D
I'm a cat lover, with one companion who is a beautiful she-cat. She's definitely a mix, but we don't know exactly what she is. She's small, a Tortoiseshell/Tabby, and I'm pretty sure she has some Maine Coon in her. I love that her! She's really shy, with huge eyes. But she once chased the craziest dog in the neighborhood out of our yard by getting up on her two hind legs, and hitting the glass door. lol, it ended up working! Unfortunately, she has Cancer. She's going to live 1-3 years :(

But I usually try to be optimistic about everything! Yay for optimism xD

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Rap, Rock, pop, reggae
Favourite style of art: I like 2. Computer paint, and pencil drawing
Favourite cartoon character: Butters and Stewie

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